Allure 5 Wood Burning Stove

£979.00 inc. Vat

This stove is 5kw – 6kw output it's Eco 2022 ready A+ rated, amazing clear glass wash system with primary secondary and tertiary burn at a low price

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Sit back and unwind in front of the Herald Allure 05. A stunning stove which will transform any room.

With a highly controllable temperature output, this stove allows you to change from a low to high output of 5kW – 6kW in a matter of seconds. Boasting a glorious flame picture, this is the fire made for transforming small spaces.

  • Wood Burning

  • Eco Design 2022 Approved

  • Certificate for use in smoke control areas

  • Efficiency Class: A+

  • Efficiency On Wood: 80%

  • Heat Output Range: 5kW – 6kW

  • Nominal Output 5kw



Allure 4 wood burning stove 5kw eco design 2022 ready SIA Ecodesign ready


Allure 5 wood burning stove A Allure 5 Stove Dimensions 5kw 6kw SIA Ecodesign ready