Stove Glass Made to Measure

Stove Glass Made to Measure

In this section, you can buy our high-quality heat resistant Stove Glass cut to size.

Just choose the thickness you want below and enter the exact dimensions in mm. When measuring the glass, please ensure you allow room for the glass to expand and contract. Where the glass fits into a socket, it will need to be approximately 3mm smaller. The glass should not fit tightly into the aperture.

Don’t forget to indicate if you want the glass shaped to a specific template. If you do, please send the template to us using this form.

If your glass has an arched top, we will need you to post us a paper template to ensure the arch is correct.

Gaskets & Seals

We also supply gaskets and various rope seal kits which you can add to the order using the options below.

Glass Fitting Instructions

You’ll find glass fitting instructions here.

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